Mixtape: Sace Almighty – Street Talk

The Texas music scene is one of the most versatile places that hip-hop is being made at the moment. As the Lone Star state continues to cultivate itself with new talent and interesting ways of delivering their story, it’s important to emphasize some of the artists who have been putting in work for quite some time. The Almxghty has been on a consistent tear for the past few years, and they aim to put up even more numbers with the release of Sace Almxghty’s latest project, “Street Talk”. 

Coming from the depths of Corpus Christi, Sace Almxghty makes sure to tell the story of the “other side” of the city that isn’t just filled with beautiful beaches and nice scenery in South Texas. In the new 11 track body of work, you’ll find a stream of hits that exposes you to the active street life that’s taken place in the 3rd Coast and how Sace is maneuvering through all of it to win in the end. It’s an interesting and energetic project to say the least, but it’s certainly something that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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