Mixtapes: Big Ez – Pending Cases

Repping Charlotte, North Carolina B.I.G Ez just dropped his highly anticipated album titled ‘Pending Cases’ today, which is also his birthday! So be sure to show him and his new album some love! The album includes 10 tracks with features from Deniro Farrar and Tianis Rose. B.I.G Ez takes pride in that he writes all of his own lyrics by channeling his inner emotions, thoughts and past experiences. B.I.G Ez did not have it easy growing up so he’s hoping to change him and his family’s situation through his success in the music industry. 

B.I.G Ez ‘s biggest musical inspiration is DaBaby, who is also from Charlotte, North Carolina and has a similar upcoming story. B.I.G Ez talks about how he wants to inspire people to use music as an outlet when they feel unheard and misunderstood like he felt most of his childhood. He also wants to give back to his community and the less fortunate when he’s able to, stating he won’t forget where he came from! 

B.I.G Ez has met a few milestones already in his career in regards to streams and follows but this is just the beginning for him and his career. With that being said, keep streaming and sharing ‘Pending Cases’ to help him reach his goals and be on the lookout for future content from B.I.G Ez!

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