Mixtapes: Insomniac Rarri – 20UTH2ID3 2 WORLDWID3

Columbus, OH: Insomniac collective member Rarri has released his debut mixtape 20UTH2ID3 2 WORLDWID3.

Many of you may be familiar with Insomniac rapper Lamb$, but it is time for you to get hip to the Ohio collective’s artist Rarri. His debut mixtape features a diverse 15 songs ranging from hard knocking 808 bangers like Used 2 and Death Around the Corner, to some more laid records like Worldwid3. The project features appearances from Hodgy Beats, Max P, Warhol.ss and is produced by F12, Brent Rambo, 12hunna, Bighead, GNeaz, and more.

Stream 20UTH2ID3 2 WORLDWID3 here:

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