Mixtapes: Starboi Gabe – WorldGoneGabe2: STARBOI

Maryland’s Starboi Gabe just recently dropped off an incredible new project titled WorldGoneGabe2: STARBOI which is a nine-track adventure with Starboi Gabe across a very sonically diverse project where you hear an awful lot of Gabe’s singing voice as he opens his bag up deeply to come up with many new flows and unique deliveries to match them. His beat selection on this mixtape was impeccable and he clearly is very good at both picking instantly recognizable and distinctive instrumentals but also using their small details to make his deliveries even better. Gabe exists somewhere in between rap and pop music but does so many things that fans of either genre would really appreciate and I definitely see Starboi Gabe emerging into one of the most notable artists from the DMV in the next year.

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