Mj Gill is one of Alabama’s Budding Stars on the Rise

Mj Gill

Mj Gill’s ‘Back On Me’ offers perspective on the Alabama native’s unorthodox lifestyle.

Widely-known as Mj Soundsz, the musically-inclined emcee is back on his bullshit, but don’t get it confused, money is still the motive.

The budding artist has made significant headway as an independent talent, successfully amassing over 100K views via YouTube for his introspective offering.

Sonically, ‘Back On Me’ is one of Mj’s most polished releases to date. The video follows him around for a night on the town throughout Alabama’s desolate streets.

Candidly speaking, Mj is on a different type of time, or as he states, “I can’t waste no time, so hoes can’t get no time.” All things considered, the multifaceted lyricist hasn’t rested on his laurels in the slightest fashion, leaning on bass-heavy accompaniment and self-engineered production to redefine the phrase dedication.

With a relentless work ethic and steadfast grind, Mj isn’t showing any indications of slowing down.

Get familiar with hearing, “Damn Mj, you mixed that shit”, because he’s going to be around for quite some time.

Check out ‘Back On Me’ below, directed by Reel Flimz.

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