Music: Finding His Way with “Night Life Meet Wreck Who Is Behind The Buzzing EP!

Wreck is an aspiring lyracist who’s been creating buzz with latest EP “Night Life”! As he continues climbing his way through the industry, he will always remember a quote from Roy, Ayers as constant motivation.

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.”

As you listen to the sound of Wreck you’ll most likely ask questions of How many gifted people have you known? You can probably think of a few. Now, what percentage of them do you remember cultivating their craft and fully taking it head on with the intent to be uberly successful? That’s most likely where the numbers begin to dwindle down. However, it’s understandable right? It’s much easier to do something in passing versus putting a dedicated amount of time into it. So, when I see artists like Texas native,Wreck, continuously writing new music, releasing new records and ultimately molding his image, it’s hard to not respect.

From his self imposed vocal delivery, to avant-garde production, prevalent on songs like “KINTOME” and “Never Finished”- Wreck provides his listeners with an ever present vulnerability, authenticity and unfeigned exhibit of songwriting. Wreck’s vocal diversity works in his favor as well as he takes on similar themes on some of his records, but provides them musically in ways that can evoke contrasting emotions.

Wreck’s evident control and understanding of his sound is one that many don’t find overnight. Just as confidence is something that is built and grown over time  “…Consistently is everything, especially to my journey. My entire discography is the story of my evolution. Without “Consistency” it’s easy to lose track of why we do the things we love,” Said Wreck.

If you listen to Wreck’s 2021 EP, Night Life, you get more of a sense of his capabilities to curate an more elaborate cohesive work.

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“Even improve about ourselves,” Wreck explained.

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