Music Video: Ka$hdami “Intermission”

Today, Las Vegas-born and DMV-based buzzing 16-year-old rapper KA$HDAMI unveils a new single and music video entitled “Intermission.”

The track highlights his incendiary, intense, and infectious delivery as he rapidly steamrolls through a barrage of bars. The bass line thumps at warp speed, and he pulls no punches with lines such as “I’m making plays like I’m the Lakers, you the fucking Pistons” (between gunshots, of course). Meanwhile, the accompanying video adopts a grainy sci-fi aesthetic as the camera zeroes into a crash site where KA$HDAMIraps surrounded by the flames of his spaceship. Hinting at the scope of his vision, it sets the stage for his anxiously awaited new mixtape, HYPERNOVA, coming very soon. Get ready for him to blast off in 2021.

Watch the video directed by @Karlwithak and @Nickwelchprod below!

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