Music Videos: SVNDAY – “Slide”

It certainly can come as no surprise that Atlanta, Georgia is still one of the most dense hotbeds for musical talent across the country and as more unique, youthful, needle-moving artists erupt from the-404 the bevy of sounds we hear from the city’s artists only become more refined and innovative. A new face in the city making a lot of noise is Svnday who is signed with Nappy Roots affiliate label “Not Regular” who offers great guidance for Svnday as he learns to navigate the industry. He wants to be known as much more than a lyrical rapper, aiming to impress with his melodies and delivery just as much as his words. His song “Slide” has nearly eclipsed one-hundred-thousand views and as his growing catalog has more and more time to marinate with his listeners, Svnday’s audience will only grow more and more loyal.

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