New Music: Check Out HYLYND Sonic Perfection With His Latest Release, “Boys Of Summer”

It’s not often you come across someone with the multi-faceted musical talents of HYLYND. Not only is he a famed singer and songwriter, but he’s also a successful producer who knows his way around several musical instruments. 

It’s of little doubt that Hylynd demonstrates the musical talents we see in these albums, given he’s trained by some of the world’s most renowned vocal coaches, one of which is Jan Smith. A coach who has in the past worked with Usher and Justin Bieber and herself refers to Hylynd as having a ridiculous talent level. She herself refuses to take any credit for Hylynd’s success and claims that when it comes to music, Hylynd is naturally talented, demonstrating a combination of musical abilities rarely seen together. 

Hylynd, who currently resides in the Woodlands, Tx, has come a long way musically since his early years in North Carolina. His latest musical endeavor resulted in the dark pop single ‘Boys of Summer’. An emotional tale centered around a love story that demonstrates the power of love even in cases where it’s less than deserved. 

Interestingly Hylynd, who co-produced the piece with Jon Santana, steps away from the usual love story and instead adds an element of darkness, described through the emotional result of loving a narcissist until there’s no love left to give. The breakdown of the love story is beautifully depicted as a struggle between true love and emotional self-preservation. It is uniquely highlighted by the combined musical talents of both Hylynd and Santana.

The success of Hylynd’s breakout EP ‘Born in the night” coupled with singles ”Fool” and ”2x &1/2 with you” allowed him to ride the musical wave of success leading to his release this fall of ”Akabeni’.   ‘Akabeni’ exhibits 12 new never been heard tracks, with credit to his musical collaborators, Jeffrey Armstreet, who mixed the tracks, and Idania Valencia, responsible for mastering the album. 

Pre-Save the first single, “Boys of Summer”, from the upcoming LP, “Akabeni” below:

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