New Music: MyNameIsntJmack Get’s Personable With His Fans In New Single “Leak”

MyNameIsntJmack never lacks in rich originality. Though he does come off as a bit of an
enigma, his release called “Leak” is a deeper look into the perils of his being. With production
from Gutty, John Wehmeyer, lim0, and Zach Niess, we hear this young man pour his pain and
passion onto the pavement. Jmack shared a powerful piece of insight behind this cut.

In his words he expressed: “Essentially I stopped taking xanax and it didn’t make a difference, so nobody forgave me. This
song is my way of dealing with that. I feel like every time I make music, I’m attempting to
perfectly represent my mental state. There are so many beat switches and subtle changes to
the pockets because my thoughts and emotions are rarely ever constant.

The first half of this song is meant to describe the manic nature of my recent experiences, and attempting to stop
taking xanax for the first time since I was 16. It doesn’t seem to matter, because nothing
changed, and nothing improved, as evidenced by the latter half of the track. On the second half,
“I’m speaking to all those I’ve seemingly let down with my failure to become truly sober both in
body and mind.”

This is all leading up to his upcoming “EP BOOKMARK”, which is a moving opus of work. Get hip
to mynameisntjmack and his brilliant talents today.

Stream “Leak” Now:

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