New Video: YG Rio – “No Promises”

Coming from Boston YGRio is buzzing throughout the streets from his music to his visuals. This melodic, well penned anthem “No Promises” is one to add on your radar! In the recently released track and visual he emphasizes how YGRio can’t make just “any girl” a promise about where he might be–because who’s to say where he is going–is both soothing and a banger at the same time.

Using 808s and smooth vocals to lay the groundwork for the lyrical content, YGRio floats on this beat. With over 2,000 upvotes and 82,000 views in 2 months time, it is the biggest single to date for YGRio and can be considered his coming out party to the mainstream. This Boston based rapper has been making music for years and is finally starting to see the traction he deserves.

Watch “No Promises” below:

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