News: Boosie Hits Milwaukee to Help Inspire Voters to Early Vote

Milwaukee, WI – Platinum rapper Boosie is headed to Milwaukee, WI on Saturday, November 5th to help inspire young voters to vote. Boosie, who voted for the first time in 2020, was nicknamed “the Mayor of the Mil” by Milwaukee fans in the mid 2000s and he continues to have huge influence over the city. 

Boosie will be meeting “Early Voters” at Rose Park (3045 N Martin Luther King Dr) at 1 PM

In a video recently posted on Instagram by veteran hip-hop activist and former Snoop Dogg collaborator (No Guns Allowed)  Dr. Rob “biko” Baker, Boosie encourages voters to, “remember to bring their ID vote.”  Wisconsin, like many other states, requires voters to have their ID when arriving at the polls. 

Boosie will be performing later that evening at Milwaukee’s Miller High Life Theater at 9 PM and will be encouraging his fans to vote. 

Locally organizers and promoters like Travis Clark hope that other rappers show up to Milwaukee this weekend. “There are so many artists and producers in the industry from Milwaukee, who have to leave because of the lack of opportunity.  I hope other rappers take Boosie’s lead and start  paying attention to what’s happening here.”

The Event is Being Sponsored by Working Family Power and is part of their Turn Up the Vote Series. 

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