News: How Platinum Billboard Producer Trill Bans Is Making Waves In The Industry at 19

Trill Bans, born Marko Cervantes, is a platinum Billboard charting music producer from San Diego, CA. He started producing when he was 16 years old in his junior year of high school, creating beats whenever he can, even going as far as ditching school just to get more time on the laptop. Today the 19-year old has worked on the production with many of today’s Hip Hop stars such as Lil Durk, Young Thug, Babyface Ray, Rylo Rodriguez as well as has made waves in the Florida scene working on numerous records with Hotboii. In the year of 2022, He has had his biggest record to date “Computer Murderers.” a single which was added to Lil Durk’s 7220 project which peaked at #1 on the Billboard top 200 as well as the single itself peaking at #61 on the Billboard Hot 100. Trill Bans has been in music studios all across the country, working in Miami with Hotboii, YNW B slime, Slatt Zy, as well as has been seen in Los Angeles, making music with producers such as Bighead. Trill has also worked on the production side on many songs he has with Hotboii such as “They Don’t Know” as well as “Dream” which is 2 out of many released songs that the world has heard of them together. The credits doesn’t end there, in which he also has produced for Babyface Ray on his debut album FACE, which debuted at #31 on the Billboard top 200, co-producing “Same Pain” with Hoodrich Keem and 48hours. One of the most impressive aspects of Trill Bans is his huge following on Tik-Tok which has over 25,000 followers and over a million likes, creating content in the music production niche such as advice for upcoming music producers as well as behind the scenes of music studio sessions. Trill has shown that he has potential to create hits and the determination to win through his records so there is more the world has to see from him.

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