Off The Porch Interview + Live Performance w/ Spinabenz

Last week we sat back down with Spinabenz for another exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he talked about the title to his new album ‘The Tornado Kidd’, explains why it took so long for the album to drop, this being his first album, switching up his style from just drill songs, refers to the album as being bipolar, breaks down the intro song “Never Think That”, how running out of liquor in the studio inspired the song “No More Parties On Sunday”, explains why he doesn’t drink lean, reveals how he came up with the song “Country Gospel Drill Song”, explains what he was going through when he recorded “Nothing Left For Me”, not liking people, recording “Don’t Picture Me Rollin’ the night after he was released from jail, explains what his experience was like being locked up, having to record the entire album in Jacksonville because of being on house arrest, getting personal on the song “I Need A Therapist”, working with Yungeen Ace on “War Stories”, plans to o collab albums with Ace, JDot Breeze & Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, explains what his fans mean to him, adjusting to the fame, rumors surfacing last year that he was shot, shares some advice for the youth, and much more!

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