“Off The Porch” w/ Sauxepaxk TB

The rap game is quickly becoming filled with very talented and successful teenage rappers. Their young supporters quickly become die-hard fans as they are easily able to relate to an artist that is their around their same age. Sauxepaxk TB, a 16-year old North Carolina rapper could become one the next big rap teenage stars. His energy might be unmatched by anybody else his age in the game and he already has one hit single “Finaygo” under his belt. 

Last week, we caught up with Sauxepaxk TB for a very entertaining “Off The Porch” interview. During our conversation, Sauxepaxk TB showed off his contagious personality and talked about life in his hometown of Winston Salem, started rapping when he was just 7 years old, getting suspended from school for punching his teacher, getting kicked out of high school for fighting, looking to get a home school teacher to go on the road with him, explains how he got the name Sauxepaxk TB, how he made his buzzing single “Finaygo”, talks about still having fun making music, explains how he linked up with DJ E Sudd, talks about his new project “Harder Than Yo Daddy”, having his own label, not being in a rush to sign with a major label, his dance “The Paxk Walk”, his upcoming movies “Dolo” and much more! Check it out below.

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