OMB bloodBath – “Not So Gone”

Houston artist, OMB BloodBath releases a video to “Not So Gone” that is full of nothing but bars and subliminal messages. The message itself is about the struggle that most people in 3rd ward and other project experience. All you have to do is take a listen and understand that OMB BloodBath has some serious talent. with the explosion of Young M.A. this would only help the case for female rappers if these to do a track in the future. Until then expect more work from the Houston rapper. Check out the visual provided below, and tell us what you think.

Shot by: SS Flims


2 Comments on "OMB bloodBath – “Not So Gone”"

  1. I’m gonna tell ya the truth lol I was looking for Bloodbath the Swedish death metal band when I came across this I’m a huge metal head but I noticed all her music is pretty new so I checked it out and then some I’m not big into rap and didn’t like a few songs but for the most part this girl has got some talent and sounded pretty fresh doesn’t try rapping a hundred miles an hour flows real good and lyrics are put to gather well I’m super impressed with her ability she’ll probably never see this but keep it up, grind hard, ignore the critics, have fun and you’ll go far just do you mad props girl and all this came from a Metal Head so you know you can gain fans from other genres I’ve already posted to Facebook and getting that name out their piece out yall \m/

  2. ‘Im from the land of milk and honey where niggas get robbed for money, real nissas is hungry, you looking like lunchmeat

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