Podcast: Haas G aka Fantom Of The Beat (The Super Facts Show)

Haas G is a Staten Island rap pioneer as part of The U.M.C.’s and one of the most accomplished active producers in music. His credits include Ghostface Killah’s “Apollo Kids” & “Magic Stick” the 50 Cent & Lil Kim collaboration. He also produced 50’s “Rotten Apple” one of my favorite songs ever, which we discuss. We also talk about The U.M.C.’s & the meaning of Blue Cheese, how they were the first artists to say Wu-Tang on a record, working with Heather Hunter, the first interview he ever did, the concept of Hip-Hop presenting a Never Never Land for those who are part of the culture, eclectic music tastes, his future plans as an artist & producer, & much more.

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