#Podcast: Hollywood Cobain’s Dysphoria (The Super Facts Show)

Producer/artist Holywood Cobain joins the show to discuss his new album ‘Dysphoria’, J-Haze, the relationship between mental health and music, how relationship trouble affects other aspects of life, ShowOff Gang, Ca$his, the L.A.Lakers, Kyle Kuzma’s chances of becoming an All-Star in D.C., and a lot more.

9 Comments on "#Podcast: Hollywood Cobain’s Dysphoria (The Super Facts Show)"

  1. Digging all this new stuff!! Cobain is always on point and bringing the heat. Leeeetts gooo!!!!

  2. Dope interviewer and Interviewee! I listen to the new Hollywood Cobain Album 5 times, and dayumm its fire! In my opinion he’s the MOST SLEPT on Veteran Artist period. He probably wouldn’t label himself as a Veteran Artist but i am and yeah he Big slept on! Glad he dropping new fire because i don’t believe he reached his full potential, but if he ignores all the pressures he’ll be great! Salutes to you both

  3. Arez music is fire real to the core true hip hop music!

  4. Arez Cobain aka Mr Hollywood Cobain gotta be one of the realist artist I’ve ever heard. Every album is a hit. Arez lyricism is absoulutely astounding the way he ties the words together with such ease and percisioun it makes you feel like you’re really there.

  5. Shit Is dope!

  6. Arez Hollywood Cobain been legendary in thiz game. Catcg up on his catalogue

  7. Hollywood Cobain The most talented producer/artist I have worked with! This man deserves his seat at the table! Looking forward to collaborating in da future. Dysphoria is a written depiction of all sides of you keep grinding. I give it 4 and a half mics!

  8. Love the album! My favorite part about Hollywood Cobain as an artist is his willingness to be vulnerable! I can relate to a lot of this album. Sky is the limit for Cobain! Between production and in the booth he’ is a 1-2 punch not to be slept on-

  9. My boy Arez been grinding for a hot minute. The story of adding guitar strings to his music hits close to home. He and an artist he was collaborating with once stood in my place in El Paso from Cali to Austin I think. He really was out there looking for musicians willing to work with him. Stay on the grind Fam 🤙🏽

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