Podcast: MW Maniak (The Super Facts Show)

MW Maniak is a young hip-hop artist Born in St.Louis, MO who spent most of His life in the Midwest (Indiana, Chicago, St.Louis, Detroit). He spent a lot of time in Detroit, graduated from Osborn on Detroit’s east side, which gave him a love for the Midwest sound. His music writing started when he was just 8 years old, but it wasn’t until he was incarcerated at 18 that he really got a chance to hone his craft. His flow is memorable for its melodies, relatable topics, well-structured songs, advanced wordplay, and crisp rhyme schemes. He’s known for talking about his love for smoking thru his melodic tunes and speaking on (while not glorifying) being incarcerated and running the streets at a young age. In 2020 he dropped his first official project (Caged In The EP) and followed up with 2 more projects within the same year. In each project, you can hear the all-around improvement and continue to get a closer look into Maniak. By the end of 2020, he officially signed with “Little Room Records/TPC Cartel” and is currently working on his first project with the label.

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