Podcast: Von T (The Super Facts Show)

Captain Channing Von Taylor, professionally known as Von-T is a 17 year Army veteran. He fought proudly for our country during his deployment to Iraq and represented the Army with the utmost respect throughout his career while rising through the ranks to Captain. In January 2019, his life changed. The video to Von’s hit song “Turn off the Lights” premiered on World Star Hip Hop and quickly became a viral sensation. This was the catalyst that started his ongoing fight with the United States Army. He was singled out by the brigade commander in a racially charged confrontation which resulted in an Article 15, which stays on his service record permanently, and also ordering the forfeiture of his pay. He’s found it hard to garner legal support due to the fear of retaliation against anyone who speaks out against the Army, as well as a dearth of civilian lawyers who are versed in the legal procedures & military language. Von has been denied requests to transfer to another unit while he awaits his transition out of the Army. He’s been denied medical care and surgeries for injuries that he suffered while serving this country. Doctors and psychological advisors have stated the need for these procedures and the danger to his sanity while awaiting transfer out of his current unit, but have been ignored. In the episode, we discuss his music, military career, his distinguished service record and medals, racism in the military, the symbolism of the masks he often wears, PTSD, grown-up fashion, his plans for his post-military career, his future musical aspirations, and much more.


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