Podcast: Young Bleed (The Super Facts Show)

Young Bleed has seen a lot. He’s collaborated with legends like Too $hort, Master P, Snoop Dogg, and his cousin Lil Boosie. He’s had deals with Priority Records, No Limit, West Coast Mafia Records, Strange Music, and he’s successfully launched his own Trap Door Entertainment. A founding member of the formative collective The Concentration Camp, he was one of the first rappers to receive national recognition from Baton Rouge. It’s no exaggeration to state that his level of artistry is well regarded by his peers. Any of his listeners could tell you that he approaches music from a different angle. The same could be said about his perspective of life. When speaking to him you are almost taken aback by the depth of wisdom behind his words. The man, like his music, is simply thought-provoking. In our interview, we discussed his personal history, career, if Baton Rouge has a unified music scene, Pimp C coming to Baton Rouge to start Trill Ent., if Bleed ever gets tired of No Limit questions, his legendary grandfather Bleed, underrated songs in his catalog, shooting a video for a 23-year-old song with Max Minelli, his new album being Chopped by OG Ron C, whether DJ Screw tapes were popular in Baton Rouge, his new independent label, his son’s music career, fatherhood in general, & a lot more.

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