Pop-A-Lot ft. D-Ray “Trilluminati (Prod. Honorable C-Note)”

Pop-A-Lot ft. D-Ray

The Honorable C-Note is truly one of the best producers ever to do it. It does my heart good to see his music becoming more proliferate; he’s truly one of the few producers who get an automatic spin no matter who’s on the track. “Trilluminati” is a perfect example of why.

In some ways that can be a lot for an artist to live up to, and for a producer of C-Note’s caliber that is a true waste when it happens. Fortunately, Pop-A-Lot and D-Ray do more than do it justice, they thrive. Pop-A-Lot’s slick money talk is perfectly counterbalanced with D-Ray’s overly aggressive proclamation of utter and complete Trillness. After that hook I believe him, D-Ray’s performance is reminiscent of a young Chad Butler over a Timbaland beat.

Ever productive, Pop-A-Lot and his Traphouse Digital label are hoping to continue the momentum from a strong 2016 as we enter the new year. His latest project The 401K Tape will be dropping soon.

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