Ralfy The Plug Latest Project Skateboard P Is A Great Body Of Work

West Coast rapper Ralfy The Plug never disappoints and on his his latest project Skateboard P, the California native showcases his abilities for being a multi-faceted artist while being an authentic storyteller as he lyrically illustrates a plethora of experiences. For example, prior to the passing of his brother Drakeo The Ruler, Ralfy was facing incarceration, dealing with the salacious rumors of his rap group being labeled a criminal gang, the deaths of many life-long friends.

Unlike most Mixtapes, Skateboard P is a full-length project that boasts 25 tracks, with the project running just a bit over an hour in total duration. Every track on the project is uniquely distinct and provides a completely new listening experience and premise. The level of forward-thinking creativity can be attributed to the producers ability to think outside of the box and compliment Ralfy’s stylized delivery and Ralfy’s creative inventiveness. 

On tracks like “Anti Social” and tracks like “Know No Better,” Ralfy’s confidence is polarizing to the haters and critics, and is exactly what his fans expect from him. Ralfy is without question, rapidly ascending to hip-hop prominence and his latest body of work “Skateboard P” is indicative of why Ralfy will continue on a trajectory that will be nothing short of legendary.

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