Review: Tree & Parallel Thought – The Wild End

How many artists are truly given the chance to grow? There are too many variables in music, too many unrelated reasons that dictate decision-making and longevity. And yet, here’s Tree, having survived on his own in the game, creating the best music of his life.

MC Tree G, who’s known in virtually every professional rap circle, is that outlier. One of his generations top producers, the Chicago artist is also actually the creator of his own genre, Soul Trap. You’ve heard his production and him featured on songs from artists as disparate as Chance the Rapper to Ghostface Killah.

On his latest release, The Wild End, Tree actually passes production duties off to New Jersey-based duo Parallel Thought. The pair aptly crafts a sonic tapestry true to the Soul Trap ethos and perfectly suited to Trees gritty vocals.

This is not only perhaps Tree’s best album, but it’s also an early contender for 2019 year-end lists. It’s a record about sacrifice and hardship, love and success. It’s a highly textural project which never gets obsessed with its own weight. Tree imbues the work with his usual edge while letting Parallel Thoughts rhythms and progressions work on their own. Tree conveys emotion through his heartfelt delivery as much as he does with words.

The Wild End takes the listener into its own world, a world where you feel the consequences and the joys of a life well lived. The album is well sequenced while examining a myriad of moods and subjects. It’s also hard as fuck. You need to listen to this now.

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