Sold-Out Dates | Rod Wave’s ‘SoulFly’ Tour Hits North Carolina

Rod Wave

Rod Wave didn’t have to sing one word during his headlining performance. In support of his chart-topping SoulFly album, the St. Petersburg rep has embarked on a 36-city tour to flex the range of his pain-filled melodies. Backed by sold-out dates and a mushrooming fanbase that’s itching to be back outside, Rod Wave’s vulnerability has proven to be a means of catharsis for his supporters. There’s healing that comes from sharing pain. This emotional experience (on wax) is what allows Rod Wave to transcend feelings beyond natural sound, using his croons to reflect truth. 

On September 3rd, the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre became sacred ground for anyone under the sound of music. The lines were long. The weather was nice. And yet, there was an intensifying feeling in the atmosphere that a sigh of relief was imminent. It’s hard to put into words, but social interaction is an essential part of our mental health. The SoulFly tour was an escape from reality, a well-needed distraction from the ongoing pandemic. 

In addition to Rod Wave’s commanding performance, fans were able to experience the musical stylings of Rubi Rose – 2021 XXL Freshman – and NoCap, who’s arguably considered a treasure trove in rap by today’s standards. Rubi’s high-energy display was championed by a tandem of backup dancers that had a vested interest in showmanship more than anything. Beyond the synchronized cavorting, Rubi’s set featured an intermediate twerk session and some of her most notable singles, “Big Mouth,” “Hit Yo Dance,” and she even recited her verse on Asian Doll’s “Nunnadet Shit” remix. 

For NoCap, the stage became a canvas for his imagination, offloading double entendres and his signature didactic flow. You would think his music served as a call to action the way fans were reciting his song lyrics word-for-word, verbatim. Surprisingly, Rod Wave and NoCap’s ear for music are one in the same: they both speak on life through an introspective lens that channels a palpable sense of relatability.

Throughout the show, there was never a dull moment or break in energy. Rod Wave did a phenomenal job at ensuring that all 5,000+ patrons were treated with consideration and respect for spending their hard earned dollars on tickets. He even managed to fit in time for a few selfies using fans’ phones. Beyond Rod’s selfless actions, what stood out the most to me during his performance was his willingness to deliver music from his entire catalog. Essentially, Rod Wave rewarded the people with a three in one package, performing fan favorite cuts from Ghetto Gospel, Pray 4 Love and SoulFly

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Rod Wave captured at Rolling Loud Presents: Rod Wave ‘SoulFly’ Tour in Charlotte, NC | Photo Credit – Derrius Edwards
Rubi Rose captured at Rolling Loud Presents: Rod Wave ‘SoulFly’ Tour in Charlotte, NC | Photo Credit – Derrius Edwards
NoCap captured at Rolling Loud Presents: Rod Wave ‘SoulFly’ Tour in Charlotte, NC | Photo Credit – Derrius Edwards

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