Skeezy Scott: The DGB Interview

After a series of podcasts I did with Skeezy Scott we sat down for a formal interview. We cover a broad range of topics, including mental health, his music, his relationship with Just Rich Gates & becoming the CEO of JCE West, his first artist Miss 22, how Live Mixtapes is helping his career. Make sure you press play on everything in the article. Musically or personally, Skeezy ain’t your average.

When did music become a reality for you?

.I realized music was a reality when I knew I would do it for money or for free it’s a true calling from within there is no doubt that my lyrics were meant to touch the masses of people.

What’s your relationship with Just Rich Gates? How did you meet him?

Just Rich Gates is the CEO of Jce records which I am a part of I joined in 2012 when We did a record together ft Dae Dae of Dirtgang Bricksquad it was meant to be that’s my brother it’s deeper than rap.

What’s JCE West? Who’s on it?

JCE West is a branch of JCE Records to show the expansion of the label from coast to coast right now it’s me on it because I’m located in California but the future is bright for new talent soon. But Miss 22 is the only artist allowed to be on it not being from the West coast traditionally.

How’d you find your JCE West artist Miss 22?

Miss 22 was put on my radar by a friend of mines Gudda who is no longer here may he Rest In Peace she reached out through him and was interested in being a part of the movement. There was no doubt she was meant to be a part of this she will go down in history as one of the best artists coming into the game.

What’s your relationship with Live Mixtapes? How have they helped you?

Live Mixtapes is very vital to my connection with the fans and executives of music. Thanks to Pesh and Daniel of Live Mixtapes they offered me a Distribution Deal for my projects to take me to the next level which will be a major deal.

What’s the main goal of your next project? What can we expect?

My next project will be the beginning of a dynasty of mixtapes that will be classics with undeniable production and lyrics that will define my place in the industry.

You’ve been all over the West Coast, what’s the most beautiful place you’ve seen?

San Diego is the most beautiful place in California. There’s nothing better than waking up in a place that makes you feel alive every day. I lived there so I can vouch for that.

Dusk light casts a warm glow on the skyscrapers of downtown San Diego and The Waterfront Park in California.

In interviews, you’ve begun addressing mental health issues. What’s your experience and what advice would you give to someone who’s currently troubled?

I have dealt with depression on levels I never thought would happen to me. I’m writing a book soon, so I won’t go into details here. My advice would be to not deal with it alone because that is the one thing that will keep you in that state of mind. Find an outreach always.

What’s your favorite non-LA West Coast album? How about non-California West coast? (Seagramm, Sir Mix-A-Lot, etc…..)

My favorite album would have to be Kanye West College Dropout.

What’s the significance of the Savage Youth jacket on your album cover?

Just how it reads on the jacket. Originality is dead therefore my vision will be born. It’s time to make the people actually feel music again, not just hear it.

If there was going to be a “chippy” West Coast Versuz who would you want to see?

I would like to see E-40 versus Snoop Dogg!

What’s something you think everyone should do at least once?

I think everyone should at least take one therapy session. Just to see if they are able to tell their truths and relieve the burdens, everyone, deals with on any level.

What do you think is the most likely unproven conspiracy theory?

I really wanna know if all the stories in the Bible were actually true and were dinosaurs really here before us.

Have you ever met Kamala Harris?

Never had the pleasure of meeting Kamala Harris, that will be on my bucket list now.

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