SKYXXX talks growing up in Orlando working with NLE Choppa & More.

SKYXXX is one person who can turn you up on your worst days. Whether it’s his vibrant personality or the captivating sound of his music. Signed to Warner Records he is ascending throughout the industry and continuing to separate himself from the pact of todays rap scene. Leading up to his EP release he just dropped his new single “14 Gramz” ft. Valee. Which is in no doubt a BANGER!

We got the chance to speak with SKYXXX in regards to his upbringing, collaborating with Memphis very own NLE Choppa and more.

Check it out below:

Mikala: Hey Sky! How are you!?

SKYXXX:  I’m alright, I’m good. (Laughs) just smoked a nice blunt!

Mikala: (Laughs) Now I know that you were born in New York but grew up in Orlando. Could give me a little insight on what it was like for you in Orlando?

SKYXXX: It’s like a retirement area. I had my golden moments down there. They’re far behind with a lot of stuff that going on so it’s a hard place to stay motivated at.

Mikala: Being down in Orlando what are some things you did to keep your mind occupied?

SKYXXX: I had a clothing brand back in the day called Kush Clothing. I used to sell a bunch of weed so I used the money to make a bunch of clothes. I got a little studio with my boy and I would record. That’s how we passed time.

Mikala: How did you actually transition into rapping?

SKYXX: I used to see these dudes battling in Jersey  all the time when I used to live up there and then I started battling too and freestyling. It stuck with me ever since, I got in the studio and started taking it seriously. 

Mikala: Oh wow, that’s dope! Did you ever lose a battle?

SKYXXX: Hell No!

Mikala: Being of Dominican descent, did your parents support you rapping?

SKYXXX: (Laughs) Nope!

Mikala: Really!? What did they say?

SKYXXX: They thought I was crazy (laughs)!

Mikala: So what was their reaction when they heard your first song?

SKYXXX: They were happy that I was doing something. They were like “well at least he’s doing his thing”! My Dad always told me that anybody who puts this much effort into something is bound to make it. I wouldn’t say they were supportive but they were supportive of it. They were just happy I was doing something. 

Mikala: And speaking of your music I got the chance to listen to “Hotboy” which you also had NLE Choppa on the remix! You guys together are super lit! How was it working with him?

SKYXXX: It was dope! I didn’t really get the chance to meet him until the video shoot. He’s a real humble kid, super dope! It was like working with a lil bro.

Mikala: I also got the chance to watch your music videos and I will say they’re very aesthetically pleasing from the colors to the contrast and everything that’s going on within them. What would say the inspiration is behind your videos?

SKYXXX: Sometimes, I think I’m subconsciously inspired by Quentin Tarantino! One of my favorite movies is Pulp Fiction. “Hotboys” has the color scheme. I’m inspired by him without even knowing.

Mikala: Oh my gosh! That’s one of my favorite directors!


Mikala: What advice would you give to up and coming artists?

SKYXXX: Don’t be a bitch, be yourself. Don’t be a liar. Don’t use people, have good intentions and keep it real with yourself! 

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