South Texas rap crew Swang Hard is keeping it ‘100k’ in their latest video.

Port Lavaca, TX: “Hard work, loyalty and respect.”

This is the introduction of what Swang Hard, a label/collective based in a small port town in Texas claim the foundation on which their label is built. Started in 2012 by Big Body and Mike Green, Swang Hard has since become one of the leading hip-hop labels in the 361 area code within southern Texas.  With songs from Texas legends such as Lil Keke and Lil Flip, they’re without a doubt catching the attention of the Lone Star state.

Following the incarceration of one of their founding members, Big Body, it seemed many thought the label would disappear into obscurity.  But through sheer determination they were able to grow into what it is today…..a machine. While still having original members such as Mike Green, Django Guzman and Big Body, they have added immense talent such as Joe Phats, Casino Bank$ and Chico Cash.

With an untapped market at their disposal and a fire new video for their single, “100k” beginning to pick up steam we’re excited to see what they have in store for 2018.

Watch the Rodney Pinz directed video here:

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