St. Laz: Facilities (Ep. 1) Styles P On Being In Jail While Famous

Styles was incarcerated while his classic debut album was coming out.

“During rap, and before rap, I made my bones out on the streets the hard way”

Styles P

As the popularity of his web series continues to soar, the profile of Laz’s guests is commensurately rising. On his new series Facilities, Laz is joined by Styles P fresh from a “chippy” Versuz alongside his D-Block brethren that will go down as a classic moment in hip-hop history, The Ghost discusses doing a 10-month bid in Westchester Jail while his debut album was released. In fact, Styles wrote and recorded his iconic verse on “Locked Up” shortly after his release. That’s just one of the many interesting things they discuss on the show. They also talk about SP’s approach to being incarcerated as a celebrity, coaching the championship team in the facilities basketball competition, and more.

Cheap Is Expensive

St. Laz

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