Stream: Chief Keef “Tony Montana Flow” & “Racks Stuffed Inna Couch”

Chief Keef has officially announced Almighty So 2 (release date tbd), the follow up to Sosa’s iconic 2013 mixtape Almighty So. Alongside the announcement Sosa dropped two singles off the album – “Racks Stuffed Inna Couch” and “Tony Montana Flow.” 

You might already be familiar with “Tony Montana Flow” since the snippet popped off on TikTok earlier this year, with 140K video creations and 270K Shazams. But “Racks Stuffed Inna Couch” is your first look at new music off Almighty So 2. Produced by Young Malcolm, who also produced “Chief So,” “Racks Stuffed Inna Couch” is Sosa at his most sinister. The 27-year-old reaches into his bag of flows, emerging with an addictive cadence that places some serious stank on the last word of each bar as he gleefully dismisses all frivolous business: “You ain’t talkin’ bout the green, I fade to black.”

Also, Wednesday, Oct. 12th was the 9 year anniversary of the original Almighty So mixtape, making this Almighty So 2 announcement extra special!

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