Stream: Clay Krucial Perry III “No Direction”

Rising Memphis rapper Clay “Krucial” Perry III drops his contemplative new single “No Direction.” The heartfelt track highlights Perry’s passionate storytelling and evolving artistry. 

No Direction” is a song born out of catharsis. The newcomer pours out his heart in a rush of rhymes, all cushioned by a tender acoustic guitar and beats as heavy as his words. “You say you don’t love me,” he laments before spilling out his heart. “Why won’t you let me go, why won’t you let me grow,” he sings, his voice confident yet cracking at the seams.

No Direction” follows Perry’s most ambitious project yet, CLAY, released earlier this year. The 10-track collection showcases the artist’s deep musical breadth and range with features by BIG30, G Herbo, and Tay Keith, and samples of indie darlings Tame Impala and Grizzly Bear. All of it is folded into thunderous productions that lay out Clay’s riveting life story, from the streets of Memphis to becoming one of the city’s brightest stars.  

With “No Direction,” Clay “Krucial” Perry III builds on the foundations he laid in 2021 with his major-label debut mixtape, If We Must Die. He continues to show that being real, raw, and unapologetic makes for the most powerful music. 

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