Stream: Luh Bob “Stuck In My Ways”

South Carolina’s Lul Bob is up next. Today he shares his latest single, “Stuck In My Ways” – a captivating, melodic yet hard-hitting anthem. Unafraid of being vulnerable, the twenty year-old artist tells a story through his lyrics, “Big glock protect my life, I’m ready for war and I ride.”  Listen to the track via Good Money Global and Cinematic Music Group/Geffen Records HERE.

“Stuck In My Ways” follows Bob’s previously released tracks “Pretend Love” which features stunningly honest lyrics over a guitar and “No Time” – a pumped up yet smooth, vibe-heavy song. As a newcomer known for his emotional music, Better Me continues to showcase Bob’s depth, strength,  and undeniable energy. Listen HERE.

Better Me comes  on the heels of Lul Bob’s latest mixtapes, the raw and riveting Soul Bleed (2021) and two singles, “Toxic Traits” and “Real Definition of Fake”. The breakout artist proved his pain music is far from generic, his complex and varied verses cutting to the marrow. He leaves himself bare on each song, working through the trauma to find catharsis while connecting with those struggling in the trenches. The project was headlined by the captivating duet, “No One Here,” with Alabama rapper and singer NoCap. 

Release after release, Lul Bob continues to prove that he’s a trailblazer for the next generation of rappers.

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