ThaBone – “SPLURGE” EP

Tulsa rapper, ThaBone drops his exclusive EP called, “SPLURGE”. Years, working on his own unique sound, style, & flow; this tape has a lot of meaning behind it even though it’s only called, SPLURGE. Bone’s family always tries to give him advice on how to spend his money, & motivates him to stop buying things he does not need; especially being a college student. The EP starts off with the song SPLURGE that has a catchy hook of him saying, “ I get the money I SPLURGE; pending bank alert” which proves that he has a spending problem. Not only this tape represents his spending problem but also each track has different meanings to them. Second track, I Had Too, is about how people in his high school used to talk down on him because he came from a poor background & now that he is up he had to, “Jugg and finesse just to show them how to move” meaning he had to go through a lot to get to where he is at today. Another track on his mixtape that sticks out to him is the 6th track “count me in”. Bone knows being a artist trying to make it through the music industry, it’s going to have a lot of storms (haters, rumors, and challenges) but he will do whatever it takes to make it happen, & he accepts whatever comes with music just count him in. So, this EP is one of his best work and put a lot into it. Streaming on all music plate-forms and would appreciate all the listens and supporters.

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