“The Atlanta Show + Cypher” presented by #spilltheTEA TV

#spilltheTEA TV the resource hub for everything independent launches their first internet production, the Show + Cypher. The now Youtube series sprung about from a monthly underground “Show + Cypher” event series that served as a one stop shop for fresh talent looking to develop in all facets of honing their sound, building their fanbase, and getting connected to industry key players. 

The show aims to bring forth the versatility of style and lyrical ability that is cultivated in the thriving “indie” scene of Atlanta drawn from various demographics of talent all over the country. 

The premiere episode features 5 talented lyricists: Nesha Nycee of St. Louis, Queenie LaSoul of Brooklyn, NY, Protejay of Brooklyn,NY, Suni MF of Atlanta, GA, D. Horton of Columbus, MS

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