$tunna Kones: CBD Cone Review


Infused with CBD, $tunna Kones are organic, unbleached & GMO-Free. Founded in 2017 and made in France, the brand is closely associated with Birdman and Cash Money Records.

For those that are unfamiliar, cones make smoking joints easy. With cones, you simply fill the paper cone with weed, pack it down tightly, twist the end, and you’re good to go.

In practice, the cones work great. The paper feels smooth and its well-balanced weight makes rips unlikely. The best thing about $tunnas papers is how they smoke. The air flow is phenomenal, keeping the cherry tight. The burn doesn’t run down the paper until you take a draw, then distributed evenly for the joints duration. The hits are smooth, with no flavor from the paper. The solid construction ensures I never had to worry about whether it was going to go out.

The other big drawing factors are the cones size assortments and the CBD infusion. The myriad of benefits associated with CBD use has become well known in recent years. An added benefit of cones is the ease in which those who have arthritis or nervous system conditions can use them. The variety of sizes $tunna offers can allow ones smoking experience to range from personal to epic.

Whether it’s for the health benefits, or how quickly you can be lighting up, I would highly recommend the $tunna Kones. They are particularly effective after a workout or before reading. All the chemicals in wraps and cigars need to be avoided, you can’t smoke blunts forever. $tunnas are a great decision when making healthy choices.

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