Video: 22fjay “Stretched Out” ft. FMG Lil Flashy

Wasting no time after he dropped his debut album on OTR Records titled “Stay For a Lil” back in October, 22Gfay is back with the first single from his new project. On “Stretched Out” he brought an even younger gunner to accompany him by the name of FMG Lil Flashy, a 15 year old rapper from San Diego. Gfay handles the infectious hook, then proceeds to give an incredible first verse proclaiming “I can up a 50 ball on a bad day, Dior my fashion and I blow racks, it’s a bad habit”. Lil Flashy then joins in by giving a superb DC comics reference rapping “all black like Batman, but lately I been out here Robin”. The two then go back and forth on the third verse picking up where the other leaves off until the track is stretched out on the pavement. 

In the video, directed by LATE, the two hop out of Hellcats with hellish grins and rap about dirty money, sex and drugs. 22Gfay is set to drop a brand new album in the next month filled with more heat like this. 

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