Video: Asianae “S-Walk” (PopIt)

Fresh off the heels of Latto’s 777 Tour, Asianae is ready to slay the summer with her
newest single, “S-Walk.”

On “S-Walk,” Asianae delivers an unapologetic performance that encourages women to
confidently walk in the essence of their femininity. Produced by KrazyFigz, the
high-energy twerk record features bouncy 808s that effortlessly complement the Atlanta
rapper’s tantalizing persona and playful lyricism.

“S-Walk” was first teased to Asianae’s growing fan base on tour. The snippet of the
song was accompanied by a skilled twerk routine choreographed by the rapper, as she
rocked the stage with her “Southside” comrade Latto and fellow rap peers Saucy
Sanatana and Kali. Since then, video clips of her performing the song have gone viral
online, and have led to the creation of the “S-Walk Challenge.”

“For me, the creative process behind the record represents claiming your confidence as
a woman. The beauty of the S-Walk is that it can stand for anything! It can be any type
of walk or dance you want. It’s all about what the “S” means to you while you’re doing it.
Maybe you’re walking to success or maybe you wanna be a little extra sexy in the
bedroom. It’s all about who you are as a person,” said the Break Em Off Music Group’s
First Lady.

S-Walk” is the first single off of Asianae’s much-anticipated project, “Hurricane Nae”
which is slated to be released this summer!

Check out the new video below!

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