Video: Baby Stone Gorillas “Keep Goin”

The beauty of religion and spirituality is that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to express your beliefs. Creating a safe space with no judgment allowed, LA’s street preachers Baby Stone Gorillas invite you to come as you are to their service of worship in new video, “Keep Goin.” Over a ‘70s-style funk production by Dupri, this highlight from their recent debut mixtape BABYST5XNE GORILLAS is the perfect reminder to stay motivated no matter what obstacles stand in your way.

Even if you don’t practice religion, BSG’s church service is one that you wouldn’t want to miss. Opening the video is a hilarious sermon delivered by the guys’ homie Zeke, who provides comedic relief throughout as he sips on Casamigos and takes a hit of 5Much’s blunt. Taking the stage shortly after are P4K, 5Much, Top5ivee, and EKillaOffDaBlocck, with the latter rapping the emphatic hook: “I told my n****s we can’t stop, we gotta keep goin’/Told bro hop in the booth, we gotta keep flowin’.” Sliding on the beat with their signature flows and tough-talking bars, the guys reflect on the circumstances that made them who they are and brace themselves for bright futures ahead. What I love most about this video is that it challenges the conventional idea of church–the congregation drinks Hennessy out of the bottle and pays their tithes inside of a fitted cap, and the organist places his glock and Casamigos on top of the organ–but still emphasizes the community-building that can be fostered by church and hip-hop alike.  

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