Video: BabyK Osama “Monkey See Money Do”

BabyK Osama is among artists like Real Boston Richey, Goldenboy Countup, Loe Shimmy, &  Trapland Pat who are currently defining the new era of Florida rap, and bringing with it their own unique styles and flavors. What BabyK Osama brings to the table, aside from his drive and work ethic, is an ability to release consistent and captivating music filled with vivid imagery as well as menacing yet catchy lyricism. His new record “Monkey See Monkey Do” is laced with braggadocios one-liners, clever wordplay, and overt confidence on the mic well beyond his years. On his upcoming EP, Before I Break Through, his sixth new project since 2020 and with features including Yungeen AceDoe BoyOMB PeezyJdot Breezy, & Anti Da Menace, BabyK showcases the sheer dexterity of his sound—from show-stopping, heavy-handed drill songs and somber, reflective cuts, to party-jumping records, BabyK Osama really aims to prove he can do it all. Please find more info and links below and lmk if you’d be interested in sharing the new video and announcement or setting up any other coverage for DGB. Thanks!

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