Video: BandGang Lonnie Bands “Bam Bam” 

New year, new goals, new Lonnie music. BandGang Lonnie Bands is firing on all cylinders, flying out the gate with a new music video for his new track “Bam Bam,” that just dropped!In the video, you can see the Detroit heavy-weight at his best: donning an unforgettable dark red sleeveless leather jacket and leather pants combo with diamonds around his neck, flirting with the beautiful women who populate every shot. Lonnie’s bravado pours from every frame in the video and is accented with lyrics like, “ F*ck this couch, I’m Brick James on this couch.”  The track is coming in hot from his yet-to-be-released H2K Reloaded, the deluxe release of his acclaimed 2021 album Hard 2 Kill (H2K).

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