Video: BandGang Lonnie Bands “Where is Marshall”

Detroit’s BandGang Lonnie Bands stands head and shoulders above the rest. Last Friday, he shared the new visual for the track “Where is Marshall” off his recent project Hard 2 Kill. The song puts a modern D twist on Eminem’s iconic “The Real Slim Shady,” beat which, setting the tone perfectly for each nod, easter egg, and reference Lonnie makes to the real Slim Shady himself in the video. He casts Eminem look-alikes, recreates the Slim Shady clone scene, and even puts the man himself on a milk carton, just like Em did to Dre in the original award-winning video. “Where is Marshall” is an ode to one of Detroit’s greatest artists of all time from one of Detroit’s most influential artists of today.

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