Video: Blacc Zacc “Lookin Like” 

South Carolina’s ultimate trap star Blacc Zacc (South Coast Music Group/Interscope Records) is ready to break even more ground this new year after a productive 2021. To get things rolling, Zacc taps platinum producer JetsonMade for his thumping new track “Looking Like.” Directed by TKTKTK, Zacc gives the 1999 seminal film The Matrix a modern-day flip after being asked to choose money or a chain. Zacc ops for the latter and morphs into a moneymaking machine. After landing a colossal goldmine in the form of a $100,000,000 deposit, Zacc encounters bloodthirsty agents. Luckily, he dodges their attacks with a Neo-insipired move and takes them out on his own.

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