Video: CEO Trayle “DrillC4”

Listen to CEO Trayle’s hit record, “Ok Cool,” and tell me he doesn’t sound like he’s Southern born and bred. Surprise, Trayle’s heart is in The South but he was born in the Bronx, New York, and he lived there for the earlier part of his childhood. Now knowing that, it’ll be easier to see how this latest track, “DrillC4,” is a meaningful glimpse of Trayle’s region-bending flexibility when it comes to flowing on any track; especially with this marking his first foray with the Drill sound that is ascendant in the borough he knows best. The music video for the track drops today, with the Vier EP coming this Friday, July 29th.

As another glimpse into his upcoming Vier EP, “DrillC4” is a track that sheds light on CEO Trayle’s relationship with his birthplace of NYC, while highlighting his skill for finding the perfect angle to approach any instrumental. Vier lands next Friday, 7/29, and is set to be a 4-headed beast of a project as it showcases just a peek of Trayle’s range and what he’s capable of as an artist.

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