Video: Dashawn Jordan “Better Position”

It’s no secret that Dashawn Jordan is a crowd favorite in just about everything he
does . Very early in his skate career, long before becoming pro for Business & Co.
(and, later, riding for Toy Machine), Dashawn has expressed his creativity
through much more than skateboarding; he’s a super friendly guy who just
happens to have the Midas touch. The USA National Skateboarding Champ
brings that same work ethic to his latest project- the music video for ‘Better
Position.’ As expected, it’s another banger

“Better Position” is another uptempo anthem, encapturing similar vibes to his
previous release, ‘WYGDBI.’ The music video, shot by no other than Overcast, is
moreso a full motion picture movie than a music video. We highly recommend
watching this from start to finish, as it takes us on a high speed alien abduction
where Dashawn levels up to a “better position.” The team over at Overcast
seemed to capture Dashawn’s high energy and passionate delivery perfectly,
while able to tell a story for the viewer.

As Dashawn has expressed countless times in his career, his song is all about
making the best out of any situation. With hard work and dedication, you can put
yourself in a better position, and that is FACTS! We hear you Dashawn… this
high energy banger uplifts us while Dashawn carries melodies and hits pockets
we’ve never heard before. Not sure what genre or how this song can be classified,
but we know it’s a hard hitting banger to get us pumped up. Produced by Kanye
& Fivio Foreign Producer, “La Chaleur and Tweakt” everything from the
progression to the 808s is close to modern music perfection.

Dashawn kept it real with us and said “This only the beginning…” when referring
to whether or not Dashawn will be releasing on a more consistent basis. With
features from Ty Dolla $ign and bigger and better things in the world of
skateboarding, we see no limit for the career of Dashawn Jordan. Pushing the
boundaries is what he does- and we’d say hes pretty damn good at it from the
past couple drops. Make sure to follow Dashawn Jordan on his socials, and
stream that new song – “Better Position.”

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