Video: DC The Don “Hate It Or Love It”

A few months removed from his dual concept album, My Own Worst EnemyLA-by-way-of-Milwaukee phenom DC The Don is back with his first new single since that release in “HATE IT OR LOVE IT.” The track gets its power from DC’s acute ability to attack beats with ease, as he fires off triplets while he flexes on em: “I ball like Carmelo, ’04 on the Nuggets/I’m not gone discuss it/So b*tch hate or love it/That sh*t that he did b*tch I already done it/While he still in some Trukfit” (sorry Wayne).

“HATE IT OR LOVE IT” is DC’s first new single since releasing My Own Worst Enemy, his second studio album, in February. The project tells a loose narrative about DC’s inner conflict, which manifests as a battle between two distinct personalities: the wholesome RAG3 KIDD and the demonic DONNY. The album kicks off in DONNY mode, featuring some of DC’s hardest tracks to date, including the massive “ENEMIES,” with a beat that sounds like a malfunctioning supercomputer, and the devilish “MAKAVELI,” a fiery lyrical exercise. As the tracklist progresses, RAG3 KIDD makes his presence felt, emoting over candy-coated production on pop culture-referencing tracks like “iCarly :/,” “Scott Pilgrim,” and “Futurama 2099.” With production by heavy-hitters like JetsonMade, Starboy, Supah Mario, Trademark Charlie Heat, Astroboy, and more, who deliver DC some of their most adventurous beats, MOW3 percolates with the energy of a young artist testing the limits of what he’s capable of accomplishing–and having fun while doing it.

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