Video: DC The Don “REROUT3”

DC The Don is an artist on the brink of exploding into stardom. He’s already amassed an avid fanbase that supports his releases whole heartedly, and now he’s prepared to take the leap. Showing off his rhyming talent in a flex-heavy new video single, DC shares “REROUT3,” from his upcoming album My Own Worst 3nemy. Produced by hitmaker JetsonMade, who lends his signature trampoline 808s, “REROUT3” is a high-energy anthem, that shows DC skating atop blown-out synths with a melodic flow and an audible grin: “She like really fast cars, I went and bought me an Audi.”

The video is a direct follow-up to “WHAT NOW?”, which has over 1 million plays on SoundCloud after reaching #3 on SC’s New & Hot chart, and arrives in the wake of the boy-band-influenced “Notice Me,” the devilish “Megalodon” and The Sandlot-homaging “Ghost Rider.” 

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