Video: DCG Brothers “Buss It”

After rocking the stage at Lyrical Lemonade’s Summer Smash festival over the weekend, Chicago’s rising drill duo DCG Brothers are back to business, sharing their new video for “Buss It,” a heater from their Jungle Life mixtape released in April.

Don’t be fooled by the baby faces of DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv – they can be opp stoppers if necessary. Gliding over an eerie piano-heavy production by Southside and Slowburnz, the Midwest natives come through with heavy stick talk and sharpshooting flows that can put a glock nine to shame. Reflecting on the paranoia they experience in their lives on the West Side, Shun and Bsavv stay on their toes and encourage their haters to take the same advice: “You know I’m still watching the backdoor/I’m trippin and sh*t, damn near blew on my shadow.” Surrounded by their homies as they parlay in the studio and in the streets with big sticks, DCG suggests you think wisely before you bring a knife to a gunfight. 

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