Video: DCG Shun & DCG Bsavv “Bond Hold”

Aiming to be the biggest duo out of Chicago, the DCG Brothers inject their magnetic personalities into everything they do. The teen rap duo, comprised of DCG Shun & DCG BSavv, prove they’re unlike anyone in the Chicago drill scene with their latest video single, “Bond Hold.” Over an ominously bouncy piano instrumental, the brothers deliver flex-heavy bars and snarling tough talk, emphasizing their cold-hearted ways and status in their city. Bsavv boasts: “I been the man, I feel like Soulja Boy in 2010,” to which Shun follows up: “I been runnin’ sh*t for real, I got my arm swole.”

In the No More Heroes-directed video, the brothers’ lavish lifestyle is on full display as they turn up everywhere from the club to the party to the show. Starting at a booming house party where the brothers show off their iced out chains and stacks of cash, the video demonstrates how far they’ve come, shining a spotlight on the packed-out crowd from the brothers’ hometown show at the Patio Theater.

Earlier this year, the DCG Brothers shared Jungle Life, an accomplished, 14-track mixtape that established the duo as one of the most exciting acts in their hometown. Home to the hit single “Stomp,” featuring Chicago legend G Herbo (1.8 million YouTube views), Jungle Life takes a raw, unfiltered look at the group’s home neighborhood, while showcasing the percolating chemistry that helped them escape their circumstances. “Growing up in a real jungle around savage and seeing crazy things, basically meeting different types of people and associating them with animals,” say the DCG BROTHERS. “RATS, SNAKES, GORILLAS, & EVERYDAY IT’S A SURVIVAL IN THE JUNGLE.” Featuring additional appearances from BIG30B-Lovee, and frequent collaborator MsavvJungle Life has earned nearly 15 million streams since its release and it is available everywhere via No More Heroes/Atlantic Records.

With much more music, and plenty more creative videos, and with the backing of No More Heroes and Atlantic Records, there’s no limit to the heights the DCG BROTHERS will reach.

Watch the video directed by No More Heroes below!

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