Video: DCG Shun & DCG Bsavv “Rich Baby Daddy”

Although I don’t plan on having any kids yet, I’m sure that financial stability is one of the most important factors when planning for parenthood. Fortunately for Chicago’s DCG Brothers, the mothers of their kids never have to worry, as the sibling duo boast about being the “Rich Baby Daddy” on their new single, out now via No More Heroes/Atlantic Records. Both fathers to young children of their own, DCG Bsavv and DCG Shun outline the requirements needed to consider yourself a “rich baby daddy”:

  • Kids don’t have to split McDonald’s
  • Pays off all the bills
  • Kickstarting their child’s mothers’ lash companies

Flexing their consistent bankroll as they rock Chrome Hearts and Celine outfits in the video, Bsavv and Shun acknowledge that being the “rich dad” comes with women wanting to use them for their money. Regardless of the leeches they come across, the Chicago risers emphasize their wealth and their ability to be generous with what they have.

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