Video: DCG Shun & DCG Bsavv “The Biggest”

One of the most popular positive affirmations right now is calling ourselves “The Biggest,” and Chicago’s sibling rap duo DCG Brothers are here to remind you what it means to hold that title on their new single out now via No More Heroes/Atlantic Records. Although the pair still have to get their IDs checked before entering a club (literally, they’re only 19 and 20), DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv make it clear that they’re the youngest steppers in their city right now – as Bsavv says, “They playing with play-doh, my sh*t coming through Chase and labels.” Toggling between clips of a hyped-up crowd during their Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash performance and cameos of fellow Chicago risers PGF Nuk and Lil Zay Osama showing love, it’s no question that Bsavv and Shun are putting on for their city. Check out the new video below!

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